The Art of Rachael Hudson
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Rachael Hudson

About the Artist

I started drawing when I was two years old. Later I found it thrilling to sketch portraits of my babysitters. In high school I discovered that I could use my skills in Art to get good grades in other courses by writing comic books in English as well as painting diagrams for Science class. It was then that I knew for sure I wanted art to be my lifetime career.

I began my journey in the screen-printing business. I went to college to improve my skills. Computers came to be a big part of everyone's lives and I was no exception. Diving in headfirst, I trained myself to use HTML and started designing websites using only a program known to many as Notepad. As computers became increasingly more complex I took an interest in CGI and 3-D modeling. I earned myself a degree in computer science where I learned how to write programming code. My latest mission has been in advertising and designing physical displays. During that time I transformed myself by coming out of my cocoon.

Some people fear the unknown. Without the unknown, nothing would be surprising or intriguing. What awaits for me around the next turn is unknown.

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